Rachel Elizabeth Dare, the girl with the hairbrush. c

Piper and her cute outfits! Art by monkeyscandance


a quick reyna/thalia comic about their first meeting plus a shit bonus haha sorry

but I really wish that while Nico and Reyna  (and Hedge, but I forgot about him :/ )  are travelling together they end up bumping with the artemis’ hunters

» Yeahhh


So hellowwwwww I know its been a long time since I update fire and water, which i will continue. But first i think its fair if you guys get a peek of whats going in my life right now. So im studying medicine and i lovebit, and sometimes its hard to get on tumblr, second my computer is broken, and…

You go girl

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Commission of Percy and his dad [x]


 Come home... Come home... Cause I’ve been waiting for you... For so long...